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Opdrachtgevers over Van Gorkom Executive

Connie Eli, Executive Director bij Judobond Nederland 

I met Geertrui during a short but intensive executive search she directed for a client, an international organization. I was smitten with Geertrui's approach: she managed to be very goal-oriented and focussed on her clients best interests while simultaneously interacting with me as a valued individual, not as a generic 'carbon unit'. In my opinion this really set Geertrui apart from most of the professionals in the executive search trade I have met before. I did not walk away with the job, but thanks to Geertrui I learned some valuable things about myself.

Shawn Kent, Business Development and Marketing for Game-Changing Entertainment Brands.

Geertrui has been a close advisor to Cirque du Soleil management teams since 2001. Her keen ability to uncover strengths and weaknesses whilst providing tools and support for improvements have been invaluable to the team and individuals. Geertrui is also fun to work with!

Ronald Zoutendijk, Bestuurder bij Siriz.

I have got to know Geertrui as a very competent and integer business consultant and recruiter. She knows exactly what the needs are of her business partners and is capable of maintaining a pleasant relationship with them. She is focused on human resources and succeeds in adding value to her business partners.”